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Throughout its activity, Terra Ruralis Association has the following goals:

  1. Promotion, implementation, coordination and management, including consultancy concerning the financing programs of European Union and other institutions and organisations, governmental or non-governmental, national or international;
  2. Promotion of national and international programmes for the improvement of scientific research and participation at the economic and social development of Romania;
  3. Information of interested parties – public authorities, different economic entities, etc – about the financing guidelines, financing opportunities and collaboration with European communities structures;
  4. Informing the public opinion and state institutions about the problems and objectives from the financing programs implementation;
  5. To initiate, elaborate and promote own projects, business development projects, restructuration, privatisation, liquidation and economic cooperation, including partnership terms with other institutions and economic agents;
  6. Development of infrastructure and practices in order to ensure and promote specific competences in the area of expanding the cooperation with European structures;
  7. Making a better link (partnerships) between public, private and civic sectors in different financing programmes and for the elaboration of a vision of sustainable development;
  8. Promotion of cooperation with public authorities, economic agents and similar institutions as area of activity;
  9. Organisation, with the approval of resort ministry, of training activities, evaluation and personnel certification, in order to contribute at the increase of the level of qualification of the Romanian specialists from the area of financing programs implementation;
  10. To support its members in gathering information, ease the relations with other organisations, consultancy services and specialised assistance; support for participate at different stages, seminars, and other scientific manifestations with impact on their professional improvement, both in Romania and abroad;
  11. To initiate and organise any actions – debates, seminars, contests, meetings etc – in order to meet its objectives, to value and promote knowledge and experience in the initialisation and promotion of the financing programmes;
  12. Promotion, through any legal means, of Romanian rural values, local communities from Romania in cooperation relations with public/private entities from Romania and abroad;
  13. To support local communities from the countryside, including their members, in order to promote Romanian rural values.