Consultancy for Rural Development
Find out the economic size of your farm!

Consultancy for Rural Development

Fields of activity for which our company can provide consultancy: agriculture, food industry, services, public administration / rural infrastructure, industrial production, fishery, forestry, tourism etc.

We offer

  • Consultancy for Rural Development
    • Consultancy for setting up/modernisation of commercial farms.
    • Consultancy for setting up associative bodies in agriculture, fishery, forestry, food industry, and their recognition as producers groups (where this is the case).
    • Consultancy for identifying and accessing support mechanisms in agriculture (direct payment per hectare, national complementary payments, state aids, market intervention system).
    • Consultancy for setting up and developing rural/urban infrastructure/utilities.
    • Consultancy in identification and development of non-agricultural activities, including tourism.
    • Consultancy for local development of communities and public-private partnerships (LEADER).