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I wish to express MIG VAS SRL’s appreciation for the efforts of Terra Nostra Consulting…in elaborating and finalising the projects promoted by our company in NPARD – SAPARD
Emanoil Aron, MIG VAS SRL, 2005


... We recommend the consultancy services offered in assistance at the elaboration and implementation of projects co-financed from European funds by TERRA NOSTRA CONSULTING SRL.


As a beneficiary of TERRA NOSTRA CONSULTING’s services, I would like to express the appreciation of CEREALFLOR company for the efforts of the whole team ...
George Litu, CEREALFLOR SRL, 2007


Based on the competence and professionalism of the whole team, we have no doubt in recommending to any public or private organisation the consultancy services of TERRA NOSTRA CONSULTING


SC NHR AGROPARTNERS collaborated successfully with Terrra Nostra Consultingfor the last few years, in submitting and implementing EAFRD investment projects. The high standards of their management and proven professionalism solving projects with European funding give us the certainty to recommend to our clients, without a shadow of a doubt, future collaboration with Terra Nostra Consulting
Octavian Orita, Director de vanzari, NHR AGROPARTNERS, 2009


Terra Nostra Consulting is a company of professionals with whom I collaborated for the last four years in projects with European funding, both SAPARD and EAFRD, in very good terms. Many joint clients thanked us for the recommendation to work with Terra Nostra Consulting because the projects were approved in a very short period of time. A team of specialists we continue to recommend! Terra Nostra Consulting keep up the good work!
Radu Lupu, AGROEXPERT CAPITAL SRL, Importer of Challenger, Horsch, Vogel&Noot, 2009


SC Friesian SRL has cooperated successfully with Terra Nostra Consulting for the last few years in the submission and implementation of EAFRD investment support projects. The high standards of Terra Nostra’s management and staff signify for us the guarantee that they will offer the best and most appropriate solution for our joint clients
Martin de Jong, FRIESIAN SRL, 2009


 ... Constantin Leonte became a very good leader and expert in the SAPARD Programme. He represented the SAPARD Agency at seminars/conferences in Romania and abroad (Milano – Italy, London – UK), where he successfully promoted SAPARD for potential foreign investors. " " ...I recommend him as a professional with experience, expertise and vocational communication ...
Iulia Vasiliu, Director of Selection & Contracting Department, APDRP Bucharest, 2009


In order to grant the successful accession of European funds through Measure 1.2.1 or 3.1.2., General Leasing S.A. recommends its clients to contract consultancy services with Terra Nostra Consulting, for its promptitude and professionalism
Doru Bosoanca, GENERAL LEASING, 2009


Jacqueline Leonte is an intelligent and social person, with an extremely good sense for synthesis, being able to work individually, but also as a team member.
Josef Vertessen, co-director Agricultural Policy Unit, Ministry of Agriculture, 1996


... Jacqueline Leonte, whilst working as Senior Consultant at ROMASDAR ... performed all tasks that were assigned to her with excellence... She proved to be a good team player, displayed a high degree of initiative and demonstrated absolute integrity.
James Siggs, Director Planificare MASDAR, 2001


Jacqueline ... as member of AREA Group, attended two training courses at Wye College, London University where her Lecturers assure me that her contribution and performance were excellent.
Graham Dalton, Team Leader Wye College, University of London, 1998