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  • Over 20 years of experience gathered by the top managers in programmes for universitary education, research, public administration and investments’ financing, and over 10 years as a team.
  • Over 100 projects under SAPARD, EAFRD and other financing programmes in 15 counties.
  • 24 SAPARD projects with a total value of more than 37 million Euros out of which the eligible value is approximately 16 milllion Euros. The marked areas were agriculture (crops and animal husbandry), food industry (milk, meat and fish processing) and rural tourism.
  • 44 projects under EAFRD and other financing programmes, finalised or in process of being finalised, with a total eligible value of approximately 50 million Euros. The list of promoted projects during 2008 - 2012 includes different fields such as vegetal sector, animal husbandry sector, milk processing, rural infrastructure, industrial production, forestry infrastructure, services, etc.
  • 14 projects on POS-CCE with a total eligible value of more than 12.7 million Euros.
  • 5 technical assistence projects
  • 10 business plans within the programme „Improving the access of the entrepreneurs at integrated services for counceling and assistance in business” (BusNetSupport)