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Alert for the NPRD’s solicitors, beneficiaries and for the suppliers of agricultural equipment and machinery!

The Financing Agency for Rural Investments (AFIR, former APDRP), has published the Database of Reference Prices for specialized machinery and equipment that can be bought through investment measures related to the National Plan for Rural Development (NPRD). The NPRD beneficiaries’ advantage is that the goods can be directly bought at the prices foreseen in the Database, without any other procurement procedure. The disadvantage is that the price difference will be entirely supported by the beneficiary who wants to buy a good existing in the Database, but more expensive than the price mentioned in the Database. For the goods not-existing in the Database, the beneficiary will follow the procurement procedure mentioned in the Financing Contract (based on three compliant offers). To consult the Database click here…

We highly recommend to suppliers of machinery and equipment to urgently fill-in the set of compulsory documents in order to communicate their offer for Romania and the catalogue prices, according to AFIR requirements! Starting 2015, the beneficiaries will desire to buy the goods at the prices from the Database. If you don’t sent urgently to AFIR the offer for your goods, you risk that your goods will not be included in the Database and the beneficiaries will buy the goods from cheaper suppliers. You can consult the set of documents in the left side of this section.

 *This set of documents is a translation for informative purposes. When applying, it is compulsory to use the Romanian version. 

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